I bundle my jobs as make-up artist and costume designer in my third passion: the travesty. Because when it gets dark and the lights go on in the theater, it is Showtime for Dissinha Mitchell. When I was 17, I designed my first paper clothes in my home country of Brazil and discovered the art of transformation for me.

The origin of my artist name is also in my home country. There it was common in the 80s that the name of a travesty artist was formed from a personal reference and a brand name.

Dissinha is the feminine form of Dissinho = smaller. The nickname was given to me by my family. Mitchell was a well-known fashion brand at the time. That’s it.

In the ensemble of Femme Fatale, I am better known as Michelle. Together with my “colleagues”, I perform regularly in the RevuePalast-Ruhr.

Booking inquiries for shows, company parties, birthdays or as a hostess can be made via my contact page.